Missionary Short Trip

As much as I dislike church-sponsored mission trips, especially short-term ones that don't really help people in developing countries (but make for a great photo-op), I have to admire the way some Christians are willing to go overseas in order to help people they've never met. Even if proselytizing is included in the mix, those trips can make a big difference.
collins Adoghe wanted to create a real Missionary version of a mission trip -- minus the proselytizing -- and that's why he began the comprehensive mission training, a project of Christian Global Foundation Beyond relief. He's currently leading a team in Nigeria for his second stint overseas, and he's looking for team members to join him beginning this summer.
He was kind enough to answer my questions about his work.

Mission Trips

Christian Global foundation Int’I Outreach present Mission sending in collaboration with other relevant agencies, this assignment focus joint missionary sending and care to various field, this is meant to pre pared and send missionary in a format that will reduce the hardship experience in various field but for 2016 CGFMISSION will only be able to send missionary to Africa and some south America and North America countries because of financial involvement but order doors will be open for missionaries who can finance themselves in the field, but this will be highly subsidies by this agency to makes it affordable because the primary focus is to save live, and because we are no more living in Abraham times, the territories are getting more hostile to mission and the requirement for mission in various countries is changing to suit the national interest we are seeing increasing cases of missionary who are denied access to visa without genniue reasons. We are glad to be the missionary of 21st century church and mission leaders, and to be equipped by CGF training schools without any fees and not that leaps over every barrier of political, religious, racist, sexist and denominational prejudice, in the name of Jesus. We hope that this code of conduct which will given to every missionary will contain the guide laws that must be adhere to by every member of this commission will be give to volunteer after graduation, the mission will inspire both you and thousands of similar likeminded people who lived and dream in the passion of their first love for Jesus. The fact that you’re wishing to be a part of the mission today means that you want to know more about fulfilling THE GREAT COMMISSION, and in your heart you want to see the people in you family, the nation, and the unreached peoples of the world and the poor of the world turning to live a disciplined, holy life in the love and care of God through faith in Jesus Christ. May the lord bless and strengthen you as you give us the Room to execute the plans towards peaching the gospel by love and care. Training centre/office @office 1, Eagles complex, Saint Luke, akure, ondo state.