The thing you have heard and receive, the same commit to faithful men who shall be able to teach others also.Welcome to our global on-line training school for 21st Century church and
mission leaders. This is a training school without walls, without frontiers, without
any fees and one that leaps over every barrier of political, religious, racist, sexist
and denominational prejudice, in the name of Jesus.
We hope that these lessons will inspire and bless both you and thousands of
similar like-minded people who live and dream in the passion of their rst love
for Jesus.
The fact that you starting this course today means that you want to want to
know the Lord better yourself, and in your heart you want to see the people in
your family and nation, and the unreached peoples of the world and the poor of
the world turning to live a disciplined, holy life in the love and care of God
through faith in Jesus Christ. This Course will help you to do just that.
This is Lesson One, it is very simple and just an introduction. The lessons that
follow are more complete and lled with good things to learn and to do. I have
personally done them all, taught them in class, handed them on to thousands of
people and now they are yours. I hope and pray that you will be as blessed,
challenged and moved towards the Lord and His ways as I have been and
continue to be as the years go on.
Mssr. Collins A.
1. First of all we are going to pass on to you an outline of what we have learned
over the years and with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Bible, our prayers and an
open mind you will grasp the ideas.
The Course moves through various interlinking themes in an order which seems
to most appealing and useful to the churches in the developing nations:
Evangelism, Mission, Discipleship basic level for new believers, Discipleship
advanced level Call of God, Believing God for Finances, Leadership Training, Building The Church, The Kingdom Comes.