Tv and News Mission

Tv and News Mission

This team must be made up of workers and trader or company owners who understand the field, the must undergo training and must represent the interest of CGFMission, must not be easily provoke, easily persuaded, they must be able to give a helping hand on how to improve a fail vision. the is made up of team leader and a secretary which gives directions, keep record, train new intake, network them for effective performance. member must fall into at least on of the following category.

  • Have an existing business or a worker or student of higher institution or temporally unemployed who will also give their quarter to support the Mission.
  • have undergoes the training for at list 2weeks
  • submit convert list to the follow-up teams or the mission secretary on weekly basis
  • hand out mission hand book, forms and training guide
  • involve in active conversation or prove a point that can lead to salvation soul.
  • supply CGF free Magazines to churches entrance every sunday morning
  • be active in networking written and sharing e-magazines online
  • Must has undergoes our journalism training.
  • ¬†will have access to mission bus on weekend.
  • run the online radio and tv
  • take advert, employ or train network marketers.
  • must observe christian code of conduct and mission disciplinary code.


This team is made up of serving missionaries wives, the E-Mission team, redudant mission, mission trainee and volunteers, Mission secretary. this team must meet ones a week and collect convert forms from the Mission secretary, who has a duty to call before hand every single convert and encourage them book an appointment alert the team of the given date, send training through social media, counsel them, prompt to team and educate the convert answer their related questions groom a convert to leadership and a potential missionary.

  • The team must be available and committed
  • the team¬† must work in group of twos
  • must work on appointment and report of improvement or nor interest must be submitted to the mission secretary.
  • conduct is essential
  • team member must live an examplenary life.
  • meet once a month for learning new skill
  • the mission must receive resignation notice or vacation notice two month before the said date resign member must submit his items back to the organization.
  • sick notice must be submitted to board of trustee through mission secretary.
  • order decision taking by member must reach the mission before taking action
  • no member is allow to vow or make a promise on behalf of the mission without due consultations.
  • member can work and contribute to mission.


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