Theology & Biblical Courses

Combined with on-the-field experience, these courses equip our trainees with the knowledge and experience required for long-term, cross-cultural church planting success. Click on each course for a description.


Theology & Biblical Courses

  • This course is designed to trace the Old Testament’s progressive revelation of the coming Messianic Redeemer from Genesis to Malachi. Class instruction involves an exposition of all of the Old Testament’s key texts involving types, figures, and explicit prophecies concerning Jesus Christ.

  • This course is taught from the perspective that Reformed Theology presents a sovereign God who rules and reigns over all history, people, and events, and that He is the One who sovereignly saves His people from their sins. True theology must be drawn from the Scriptures alone and in this course the Missionary Trainees will work through many biblical passages which present our awesome God in all of His sovereign and redemptive work.

  • These hands-on courses teach Missionary Trainees how to understand the historical and cultural background of the particular genre, book, or text being studied; how to identify the structure of the text; and how to properly interpret, apply, and teach the text to others in a reproducible way. In doing the above Missionary Trainees will be learning and applying basic hermeneutical principles while gaining a thorough understanding of the genre, book, or text covered. To accomplish this the instructor uses a majority of the class time helping the Missionary Trainees work through the text and make discoveries themselves. These courses often culminate with a teaching assignment meant to simulate scenarios often experienced in the field among unreached people. The following is a list of our EiM courses:

    • EiM: The Pentateuch
    • EiM: Old Testament Historical Narrative
    • EiM: Old Testament Poetry and Proverbs
    • EiM: Old Testament Wisdom Literature
    • EiM: Old Testament Prophecy
    • EiM: New Testament Narrative: Gospel
    • EiM: Acts
    • EiM: Missionary Epistles: 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus
    • EiM by Second Year Missionary Trainees
  • This course gives a foundational understanding of the grand story-line and major themes carried through the whole of Scripture. From this, Missionary Trainees learn how to properly understand, interpret, and apply individual texts based on where they fall in the larger flow of Scripture.

  • A life of prayer, worship, and being led by the Holy Spirit is crucial to every Christian. This is especially true for those called to the difficult and trying task of proclaiming the gospel to the unreached. This course provides a clear call and deeper exploration for the pioneer missionary on how to live life daily and as a family.

  • This introductory course lays the biblical foundations and principles of mission as well as the basic building blocks for understanding the challenges of doing ministry across cultures.

  • This course is a verse-by-verse exposition of the book of Romans. While not a comprehensive study, the course is designed to present the overall message of Paul’s in this, his most important work of the New Testament. The course will also explore many of the important themes presented by Paul in Romans: human depravity, the role of law, justification by faith, sanctification, the work of the spirit, the security of the believer, election, predestination, the future of the Jews, and the use of spiritual gifts.

  • A foundational course to understanding the basic themes, structure, and content of the Old Testament.

  • A foundational course to understanding the basic themes, structure, and content of the New Testament.

  • This course is an examination of the progressive unfolding of divine revelation in Scripture. Attention will be given to the various systems of interpretation that seek to capture this understanding, and special emphasis will be given to the provisions of the new covenant and its related implications.

  • These four courses giving an introduction to the great doctrines of the Christian faith. Special emphasis is given to theological topics related to pioneer church planting.

  • Field missionaries are often faced with the challenge of helping national believers, non-believers, and fellow missionaries sort through difficult personal and family issues. This course helps one understand how to identify the heart issues that lie behind these difficulties and how to address them from a biblical perspective.


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