The Prison mission and Rehabilitation unit  has to do with a Group of people train in inmate care, who are prompt teach and movable to tears, who will not see prisoner or ex-convict from human point of view but will see them as a follow prisoner and must understand their pains and suffering, the prison Church is wonderful is not a place of test is a place of rehabilitation, your emotion and speech must be control and must not be Judgemental, try to see with their eyes and profile a solution remembering that Christ and Paul was a prisoner, teach undiluted gospel message never pull punches, profile a solution that is only Biblical, prepared you messages in advance, preach cell by cell one cell per week don’t profile solution to their question only tell them you will submit their request to the organization secretary who will look into their cases don’t make pledge on behalf of the mission, don’t give gift except when the mission decided to send such gift to a particular cell in accordance with the constitution.


  • The Prison Missionary must have the organization complimentary card in bulk and can hand them out randomly to serving prison who want a better life once they are out.
  • The Prisoner request for Bible and Mission booklet must be submitted to the mission secretary.
  • He must submit the name of all his team must be submitted to the Mission secretary
  • The Prison Missionary must write the name of serving Prisoner that are given Card in prison and such name must be given to the mission secretary for verification purposes in case of possible contact.
  • The prison missionary most carry out his or her activity across all prison of the nation and but must cover a prison and must has setup a group to oversee an affair before moving to the next prison as the commission would not tolerate an unfinished job.
  • The Prison missionary must pick a date that is acceptable to all his team members and must adhere to it, and new member must vow to uphold that date as a precondition for their intake.
  • Attendance must be mark and absent and lateness without reason from two meeting will result in that person or member been sent to the disciplinary committee.
  • Failure to follow the above listed code of conduct may lead to the withdrawal of a member or a team-leader.
  • The activity of the team must be submitted to the Mission secretary or face disciplinary committee.
  • The Agency must receive notice team member or leader who wishes to withdrawal 3month before member official withdrawal date and with detail reason and must through the secretary be submitted to disciplinary committee. and such member is require to submit the mission property in his or her disposal before the official withdrawal date or face disciplinary action.

2018/2019 PRISON FOCUS

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CGFMISSION has decided to open human right office for those who illegal detainees and those who
where unlawfully jail, or held without bale in a local police cell which abound in the country, this service
is meant to help the poor who do not have access to lawyers. This project is meant to strengthens our
prison ministry and to give a helping hand to the down treading, who poverty is the only reason why
they remain behind bars, this becomes necessary as we can not effectively witness to the people in
prison and those in awaiting Trier without us doing anything to alleviate their suffering, this program
which is station at 2017 date of commencement is expected to raise volunteers who are expected to
present themselves at CGFMISSION Office to work out modality for operation, and training which date
will be communicated to the volunteers.


May 2017
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