School Mission Team

School  Mission Team

This are team of School missionaries this are men and women or youth who are Born Again and has undergoes Training as Missionary, therefore can devolt their time to periodic mission this has the responsibility of visiting all School and Institution and training centre for the purposes of sharing the Gospel given them opportunity to invest their time and skill in the Kingdom, this Group can support the mission without border from their gathered information volunteers and carry out visitation for the rest department at their free time they also work with the E-Mission team by networking for Christ. member must be train to carry out office discussion without getting to disturbing their Academic calendar and they can have access to our free online institution to help the meet the task of completing their study, annoying the institutional head or disturbing the staff. their activities are as follows.

  • They must set an agreeable meeting date which is supported by the members
  • They must have a secretary who write or compile convert names , tel. no., adress, occupations, and send them to the Mission Secretary for documentation and contact.
  • individual time of service must be noted by the Group and send to the Mission secretary and he or she must send text at starting and finish to the leader of the group in case he or she is working alone. so that service register can be marked.
  • absent without notice from three meeting will abstract some query by the disciplinary committee.
  • need for transportation or other issues should be forwarded to the mission secretary not later than two weeks before the needs arised.
  • The student network or phone contact of convert must be collected and submitted to the agency database or mission secretary so as to receive free messages, news and support.
  • permission to join the mission without Border on holiday must reach the secretary not later than two week before the depature date or lose the right.


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