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This A GOLDEN opportunity is hereby calling you; CGFMISSION offers a FREE training on FirstAid and Primary health Care alongside their Mission Training Note: This maybe or might not be healing ministers, but their care should be outstanding and must not hesitate to pray, care, ministered firstaid treatment for the sick and injure ones and must do so without fees or gift from a patient. this Groups must work in groups  of twos per Community and must first ministered christ true message of love, care and healing to the sick with personal conviction before prayer and physical care for their patient. The services das must be set and they must appoint a secretary who will take record of their Patient, activity and the various need represented by each patient, group and possible contact of the patient, solution prefered. and this detail must be submitted to CGF First Care Centre in Akure not later than two weeks of reception, any member that is absent with notice from this group in two week will be make to face Mission Disciplinary committee.  the attendance of this group must be recorded before living for Community ministration and this include the names of those certified and their reasons.

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  • To convert the sick
  •  Care for the sick
  • Delivered primary health care and firstaid  Inline image 1 treatment ein two to the surrounding villages
  • Trained and Be re-train in maternal and Children health with first care firstaid treatment

Must make out time for follow-up or submit information to the follow up unit.

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You can’t afford to miss this, be empowered! Apply now for FREE as we join one together to
achieve the success of establishing a well equipped laboratory and hospital. Forms are
available at the mission head office at office 1, Eagles complex, saint Luke, akure ondo state.
CGFI call on the general public to support their medical project which is targeted
at building primary Care Centre in some village of Akoko—Edo and ondo state. This project
when completed will cover most missionary site in delivery health care and birth control to the
surrounding villages. This project became necessary when we discover the total this regard of
human life, lack of primary health care and first aid professional in many Nigeria villages, as a
result local chemist store has turn to the only hospital the people can afford, because of the
high cost of public clinic which is far beyond the reach the rural dweller, and the doctor don’t
make things, easier for the poor villager who is ask to pay the full hospital bill or a large
proportion of such before accessing treatment even on emergence cases despite the fate that
the people have right to health care this right has constantly be denied even at the point of
death, because the Government has make this non enforceable right, this is as a result of the
non– functional health insurance scheme in the country, so CGFMISSION has decided to open a
first care centre which will deliver affordable and accessible first Care service which will put the
people at the centre of the health care delivery, this project is to focus on well equip
Laboratory, Diagnosis center, post doctor who will deliver both primary health care and first
care to the people, ambulance services with time, Nursing, Nursing management training and
services , general scan and X-ray equipment, and Pharmacist this project which is five years
Mission Project is expected to cost $150, 000 dollars to meet the poor health state of the rural
dwellers. This project which when complete will run in the format of health insurance to deliver
care to the poor at the cheapest price available in any health care center, and a waiver for
those who can’t afford to pay for it, this cost will be limited to card registration which will cover
the cost of continuous treatment, lab. Test and emergency services.


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