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Christian Global Foundation welcome Missionaries and Agent Around the world to get involve in delivery services to the world less privelege, Rehabilitating them for better tomorrow, to make them useful to their self and the society at large, in CGFoundation we understand that how a child grows influence his believe and behaviour towards orders, therefore rehabilitating them into the society is a bigger job for anyone to successfully handle, therefore in our effort to rehabilitate them we make sure that those in the service of rehabiliating them are not neglected in the process because is the beautiful smell and positive live story of a missionary Agent and ability to offer service, care and motivation that draws attention to him that why in CGFoundation we dont only train missionary we give them tools for service. this make the project more expensive that why we are calling on various mission Agent and organization well meaning christians round the world to partner with us in terms of gifts, donation,Technic, traning and innovation to help us finish the great commission and relief the less previlege ones, because a pure religion and undefiled before the world is this, that you visit the hungry with bread, care for the fatherless, become a husband and son to the widows, visit the prisoner in their affliction, relieves the sick. this is what the Lord required.

CGFMISSION was founded in 1990 in Ewatto Village by The world That said to The founder “Find out the People that are on earth” then the Founder responsively said “how do i find them out” But the Vision Become Clearer in 1999 when the Mission objective was explain by revelation. in the Vision officially started when I went for my first Missionary Journey from Germany to a Village in Egbe, in Edo state, Nigeria. Right in that village the Map of Program for the Mission was giving to Me, while in the Field i wrote the First Mission training Guide after a revelation that says Carry and train them to do the same work you are doing which is Now use to train convert to Diploma level in Mission Training, to full fill the vision of finding them out we cover all method of Missionary services which are as follows:


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