Christian Global Foundation

Regulation Conduct, Obligation, Outreach Conduct and operation methodology

CGF Mission has resolve to state this constitution to over over sees our conduct as we adhere to the supreme constitution of the written word of God.

  • This Organization we has press our energy should not become a private property or a communal property for power driven men or women or groups but his sole purpose shall be for the enhancement of living standard for the poor and to make sure the true gospel is preach round the world by every means necessary.

  • This Organization will never be use as a Political tools to break down law and orders in the societies or for selfish interest but will play key role in ensuring peace also to ensure that Orphans, Widows, Prisoner and Youth are empowered through direct employment programs sponsor By CGF Care Centre, finance or donation of this Organization.

  • General soul winning within or in collaboration with other agency, Churches, schools, Instution.

  • Enhancing the living standard of the poor which will be done timely as resource become available through industralization, community health program and Agricultural expansion in different region as God leads, prisons mission or helps, leprosorium, Orphanages, Widow empowerment, Refugees aid and training, youth talent hunt programs, helps and training of Missionaries and their families in Areas of feeding, works and the children Academic careers or life pursuit.

  • Funding this organization is going to be through Community Health Service, Donation, school of film-making and Audio production, seasonal films, cottage industry. Note: collection of tithes or special seeds or force offering is prohibited for any member of this Organization Community health service worker or invited guest but however members or churches or individual may can give willingly to support the organization or its project but should do so without been pressure to.

  • Our trainee missionaries are allow to work or do business or even partner with the organizations, if the business or work does not contradict the word of God or the law of the land, but should do so alongside with their missionary goal or project in their various field and and should also donate part of their finance for the mission project and contribute to their family need without burden the organization depend on the business.

    Our Mandate

    we have a divine mandate to preach the gospel by every means possible to every creature, until the kingdom of God and his son Jesus Christ and his will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

    Our Service

    We are non-denominational organizations which focus more on missionary sending, serving missionary care, tract publication, bible reprinting, Christian literatures, micro finance for the widows and orphans, skill acquisition for underprivileged (youth or child), Missionary training and employment programs, free prisoners help, virtual and audio Bible teaching guide for every Christian.

    Our Teachings

    `We are not here to bring a different doctrine into Christianity Nor to change the original doctrine of the saints. JUDE 1 VS 3 “beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of all the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saint”. Galatians 1 VS 6 – 10 “I marvel that ye are soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel; which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would prevent the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before say I now again, if any man preached any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    Code Of Conduct

    As we have decide to serve the lord by collaborating with CGF Mission, we need to set this few points apart for the success and daily management of the organization and code of conduct which must be adhere strictly to reach our desired goal in saving the lost and enthroning the unity of faith which is our sole mandate in this organization and therefore we need to understand that this code of conduct is for both the Founder, associate member and members of the CGFMISSION and other related activities.

    1. Stipulate amount will be use to assist any of our trained missionary or partner who wishes to organized his or her outreach in accordance to format or mode of operation.

    2. CGF. Will sponsor any missionary or Missionary training only when the said training is in accordance to the underline rule not disguise for church planting.

    3. CGF Outreach is not own by individual so every member must contribute willingly to grow the agency.

    4. Leadership of CGF Outreach will be accordance to labour and financial or personal contribution.

    5. The Missionary must Meet once a year in CGF Camp Ground for prayer, Training, Auditing the Outreach expenditure, Teaching’ and designing of schedule for the year.

    6. Any Missionary that want his or her outreach founded must sumnit his outreach detail and location at list one month before the outreach.

    7. Any Missionary who wishes to take a field training must summit his interest to the mission at least 3-6 month before so that training and salary can be arranged for him.

    8. No missionary must refused a service assigned to them by the agency except obvious reason which was communicated to the mission at least two weeks before the due date.

    9. The period allowed for field service is 3-6 month period. Within this period the said person can be rotated base need of student this training will sponsor by cgf outreach.

    Call of apostleship:

    We believed Founder of this Agency was called of God, to serve his people by preparing them for his kingdom, to set the captive free, to minister the good news to the whole world by revealing the hidden mysteries of the true word of God. Mark 1 vs. 2 “as it is written in the prophets, Behold I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee. We all are to collaborate with him in actualization of this Call or Vision.


    This step explains the development of men and women into God’s mission in the light of the epidemic need for kingdom leaders, a school of mission for the monitoring and equipping of theological workshop that is focused in a mission ecclesiology, that’s why we must equip the church to be about God’s mission. This mission will only be accomplished through the lives of many fully committed, passionate followers of Jesus equipped to sacrificially lead the mobilization of a family missionary discipleship.


    Membership of CGFMISSION is acquired after one passes through the mission training and been certified with at least upper credit in MISSIOLOGY AND MINISTRY alongside with a Diploma in FIRST-AID or COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE.


    Members are well trained spiritually and physically with skills to be able to carry out the gospel round the world and also to minister care to the people of God. Chains of executives:



    Secretary General


    Missionaries/Other Organization

    • Every missionaries must adhere to our project or goals of relivant agency as specified in the mission code of conduct or be withdrawn from the organization.


    This organization does not issue permanent certificate of service to any missionary but only certificate of service to God and humanity which will be withdrawn as soon as you quit the service or change your vision or mission statement, as long as he or she possess the certificate, we are responsible for his or her employment with his consent, training, helps. which on resignation, he or she can go with what ever he or she has gotten from or through the Organizations intense of material or monetary benefit but the certificate is to be return to the organization but if not return the certificate would be cancelled from the home office which means that missionary no longer enjoy traveled or service allowance under our organization. but this law does not applied to missionary who have serve their full time in the Lord service this shall be under the care of the mission as long as they are willing to work in collaboration with cgf and can also partner with the organization church founder, trade, business agric., and counseling but this law does not also apply for student who are not missionary minded, who are running a paid Diploma courses.


    For the success of organization we have decided that every one of us work together in unity having only God as the Supreme head to avoid disorderliness which mean once you are a certify member of this agency you reseve the full right to conduct missionary outreach on behalf of cgf, having the constitutional head as co-labourer, which give limited amount of freedom to every member to respect the Bible and the organization constitution, which gives the Mission agency the right to dismiss, suspend any member that walk contrary to this constitution or Biblical principle during or after field mission but on such ground the certificate is not to be withdrawn but the mission will suspend payment for outreach fund till when he can be retrained or redeploy or change perspective depend as God command.

    CGF Outreach

    This Organization (CGF Outreach) shall be run as independent body which is not to be inherited or taking over by another agency or passed down to a successor but shall be collectively run by every missionary which have served the organization or trained or partner with it directly or through affiliate agency and for such to be admitted into the mission, he must be ready to give up all that he or she has include his own safety for the seek of Christ and his project, this constitution should never be change or re-interpreted in court or any legal house, in case of any amendment it must be with the concert of the entire missionaries with his or her trainee.

    Opening Church Rule

    This organization may not open Church in any villages or town where Church has already be open except, they are convince that the existing church is preaching error and the leader of such Church is not willing to join in saving the soul or training the convert in that region but are to cooperate with the existing churches irrespective of their denomination but the pastor or leader of that that church or fellowship may have all the members from our evangelism and crusade but he or she must accept once a week mission training in his church premises, if not the organization may in that condition open a missionary training centre or a church where it doesn’t exist which will be run like a missionary church or discipleship church at the end of training every convert is to go and replicate what he or she has learned, in case of death or permanent disability as a result of mission hazard that missionary or his immediate family shall be under the care of this organization, this also apply to those who are widow indeed among us or Orphans, prisoner who just get out of prison.

    Missionary Sending Rule

    No missionary should be sent out who have not taken the indoor and outdoor training, Training should be done by the aid of slide show, Audio streaming, Bible, Mission Booklet for outdoor training, while Convert intro to mission and leadership training for indoor training of missionary; while Equipment training on First Aid and Primary health care, Film-making for those interested in the media department, this training must be completed before anyone is allow participate actively or register as a Missionary, field will be handle through trained Missionary or our affiliate agency when this happen this commission must be notify one month before field encounter so that the necessary screening and support can be given, Missionary are to be in group and must camp together there and after can be sent in twos to the surrounding villages, must accept to patner with every Church irrespective of denomination through an existing coordinating agency, community head, service chief, Town secretary their permission must first be sort before any missionary activity are carried out, the next is to first evangelized the entire town then plan for crusade incollaboration with the existing churches with their own speaker also are given audience, make altar call give room for people to willingly participate in mission training or project as the spirit leads, A town can only be access after five days fasting and prayer only those who participate will be allowed to go for Mission the rest must stay back and pray for them, no missionary must reject a field because of danger or fear or reject partner base on sex variation on such condition that missionary might be withdraw or send back to restart training.